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Dr Christopher Kranz


Frankfurt am Main

Kranz Christopher
Dr Christopher Kranz


Frankfurt am Main

Dr Christopher Kranz LL.M. (Edinburgh) joined Allen & Overy in 2012 as a German Rechtsanwalt and has since worked in different practice areas of the firm. He specialises in restructuring and corporate law, advising on restructurings and insolvencies of national and international companies and corporate groups. Key transactions he worked on included the financial restructurings of KATHREIN SE, Steinhoff International Holdings N.V., Gerry Weber International AG and A.T.U. Auto-Teile-Unger Group. Christopher advises in particular on complex issues of European and international insolvency and corporate law and on the application and recognition of foreign restructuring proceedings. Another focus of his work is advising on group insolvency law.

Christopher is the author of a monograph on English and German corporate rescue law and of several essays in legal journals on transformation, capital markets, restructuring and insolvency law.

News & insights

Covid-19 COVInsAG

Publications: 30 DECEMBER 2020

Covid-19 coronavirus: Amendment to COVInsAG

Suspension of obligation to file for insolvency extended until 31 January 2021 – **Update December 2020**

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Publications: 10 NOVEMBER 2020

Act on the Stabilisation and Restructuring Framework for Businesses

A short bullet point summary of the new StaRUG-Scheme and a non-reliance translation of the draft bill for the StaRUG-Scheme from German into English based on the preliminary text of the new draft…

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geometric shapes

Publications: 01 OCTOBER 2020

German scheme under the StaRUG (draft bill)

Germany uses the implementation of the EU directive to make a bold move: As from January 2021, German companies too can successfully carry out their restructurings with cram-down decisions, moratorium…

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Publications: 31 MARCH 2020

Covid-19 coronavirus: temporary suspension of obligation to file for insolvency in Germany

From announcement to law With unprecedented speed, the legislation only proposed by the Federal Government on 16 March 2020 temporarily suspending the obligation to file for insolvency proceedings for…

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Banking and Finance



Frankfurt am Main

Allen & Overy LLP
Bockenheimer Landstraße 2
60306 Frankfurt am Main

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Admitted as German Rechtsanwalt, 2012


Dr. jur (PhD), University of Mannheim, 2016

Second German Law Degree, 2011

LL.M., The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 2009

First German Law Degree, University of Mannheim, 2008

Published work

  • Herding/Kranz (2021), ZRI 2021, 123 ff, "Dutch Scheme und UK Restucturing Plan - Wie gut sind die neuen Sanierungstools"
  • Hoegen/Kranz (2021), NZI 2021, Rn 105 ff, "Neue Möglichkeiten der Konzernsanierung durch SanInsFoG und StaRUG"
  • Herding/Pruefer/Kranz (2020) "Director' duties and liabilities in financial distress during Covid-19", Germany report
  • Hoegen P., Kranz C. (2020) "Reforms in selected EU Member States in light of the Directive on preventive restructuring frameworks, INSOL Special Report, Summary Germany, pages 46-61
  • Hoegen P., Kranz C. (2019) "Die Auswirkungen des präventiven Restrukturierungsrahmens auf die außergerichtliche Unternehmenssanierung – droht die Bedeutungslosigkeit?", article in NZI supplement, 1/2019, pages 53-56
  • Hoegen P., Kranz C. (2019) "Konzerninsolvenzrecht", in Flöther (publisher), Sanierungsrecht, Einführung zur Richtlinie der Europäischen Kommission über präventive Restrukturierungsrahmen, pages 291-323
  • Hoegen P., Kranz C. (2018) "Die Zusammenarbeit der Gläubigerausschüsse", article in NZI supplement, 2018, 20
  • Herding/Kranz (2017), Europäische Insolvenzverordnung im Überblick, in Platow Newsletter 28. June 2017, p 8
  • The Rescue Culture in Great Britain, KTS-Schriftenreihe, Carl Heymanns Verlag, Cologne, 2017
  • Next round in the Geltl vs. Daimler case – No final decision by the BGH on ad-hoc announcements in connection with a sequence of events extending over a period of time (Das Geltl/Daimler-Verfahren in der nächsten Runde – Keine abschließende Weichenstellung des BGH für die Ad hoc-Publizität bei gestreckten Geschehensabläufen), Die Aktiengesellschaft (AG) 2013, 515-518 (co-authored with Dr. Hans‑Christoph Ihrig)
  • ECJ decision Geltl/Daimler: Exemptions from the duty to release information in ad-hoc announcements (EuGH-Entscheidung Geltl/Daimler: "Selbstbefreiung" von der Ad-hoc-Publizitätspflicht), Betriebs-Berater (BB), 2013, 451-458 (co-authored with Dr. Hans-Christoph Ihrig)Limits of challenging gratuitous transactions (Grenzen der Schenkungsanfechtung von Drittzahlungen), Neue Zeitschrift für das Recht der Insolvenz und Sanierung (NZI), 2012, 541-547 (co-authored with Dr. Roland Wiester)
  • Pension liabilities in the case of a demerger – the retroactive effect of laws (Zur Nachhaftung für Pensionsverbindlichkeiten bei der Spaltung - Zugleich ein Beitrag zu den Grenzen der zeitlichen Rückwirkung von Gesetzen), Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsrecht (ZIP), 2012, 749-756 (co‑authored with Dr. Hans-Christoph Ihrig)