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Wellbeing at work starts with a happy office environment – a perspective from our Jakarta office

Harun Reksodiputro is the co-founder and a partner at Ginting & Reksodiputro in association with Allen & Overy, Jakarta. He has every reason to be proud of what he and his team have achieved since the Jakarta office opened in 2010 as the firm has developed an excellent reputation in Indonesia for leading complex transactions, and attracting and retaining the very best talent.

Headshot of Harun Reksodiputro

Harun’s pioneering approach to people development is focused on creating a positive culture where people feel valued. Attracting the best talent goes hand-in-hand with offering interesting and challenging work, which over time becomes self-perpetuating. He is heavily influenced by those around him and continually strives to create a content workplace:

“We cannot always control the pressures from our clients or the projects, but we can control our work environment, and ensure our people feel safe and happy in the office.”

Harun’s desire to take a positive stance on wellbeing in the region led him to spearhead the Quarterly Happiness Programme.  The initiative promotes and embraces the importance of maintaining one’s own happiness, to increase morale, engagement and productivity in the workplace. Sani Pradipto, Senior HR Manager is responsible for implementing the programme:

We understand that working within the legal profession can be stressful so we want to regularly remind our people to take control of their happiness. This programme is one way for us to provide the tools to help manage mental (and physical) health-related risks associated with any high-pressured environment.

Sani Pradipto, Senior HR Manager

Since its inception in May 2019, the programme has provided many learning opportunities and encouraged change. Initially, the aim was to develop a series of campaigns and seminars to maintain and encourage a healthy lifestyle. However, the programme has evolved to encompass a more positive employee experience – with access to an in-house counselling service and improvements in people-related policies around work/life balance.

The programme was adapted during the pandemic to include an app-based virtual programme offering support in areas such as wellbeing, relationships, mindfulness, sleep, and happiness. There are also comprehensive plans in place to sustain the momentum of the programme to ensure relevance and accessibility both now and in the future.

Learn more about Ginting & Reksodiputro in association with Allen & Overy via our career site and podcast.

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