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Hong Kong Regulatory Roadmap for the Year of the Rabbit

At the start of each new lunar year, our Hong Kong Regulatory experts turn their minds to what the year may hold in store for financial institutions. In this Year of the Rabbit, we believe that financial institutions will need to be vigilant, quick-minded, and ingenious – all characteristics long associated with people born in the Year of the Rabbit.

Following on from some of the regulatory challenges that emerged in the Year of the Tiger, we think that the Year of the Rabbit will be one that calls for a bold and adventurous spirit, tempered by the exercise of due caution.

In this Year of the Rabbit article, we focus on: (i) operational resilience; (ii) environmental, social, and governance (ESG); (iii) carbon markets; (iv) crypto-assets (including stablecoins); (v) Hong Kong’s continuing efforts to establish itself as a super connecter of the region; (vi) online trading and wealth platforms; (vii) enforcement; and (viii) how to ensure that you remain compliant with regulatory developments introduced in the Year of the Tiger.