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Insights for boards and senior management: what it takes to be an effective leader

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In this episode, Sally Dewar, CEO of A&O Consulting, talks to Fran Griffiths, an independent senior executive coach and leadership mentor, about the skills, behaviours and attributes needed to be an authentic and empathetic leader.

Sally and Fran share their views on the diverse challenges facing senior business leaders such as the need to nurture a transparent and accountable organisational culture and how to manage a multi-generational workforce in a hybrid environment.

In addition, they discuss the role of the leader in setting the right tone from the top of the organisation and what it takes to communicate a clear and impactful vision.

A&O Consulting Learning Centre

Training, development and coaching of non-executive directors and senior management have continued to be a source of focus for boards and regulators alike.

In response, A&O Consulting has launched the Learning Centre, a global training programme for senior executives focused on the effective management of regulatory change. Topics covered comprise: risk management, governance, financial crime, conduct and culture, regulatory strategy and implementation.

Insights for boards and senior management: what it takes to be an effective leader

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