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Covid-19 coronavirus: Germany insights

How to plan and respond to the legal, regulatory and commercial challenges

How should the global financial services industry and businesses across the world respond to the unprecedented legal, commercial and regulatory risks posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, its profound impact on society and disruption to the ordinary course of  everyone's personal and professional lives?

Businesses of all types need to ensure they are across the relevant issues, have a holistic picture of their risk position and engage with stakeholders appropriately to ensure they are best placed to adapt to a rapidly changing commercial environment. The decisions organisations make today may have far-reaching implications tomorrow.

Our multi-disciplinary teams are working closely with clients on a range of matters including contingency planning, supply chain disruption, employee matters, contractual obligations and handling distressed situations.

We’ve produced a series of insightful analysis, practical checklists and concise guides to help you identify and assess the key legal and commercial issues, how to mitigate risk now and in the future as well as the short and long-term regulatory and operational implications of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Read the insights below from our lawyers in Germany to help you prepare for the evolving impact of Covid-19 to your business. This site will be updated regularly with the latest thinking from Allen & Overy.

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11 May 2020
Covid-19 coronavirus: DAI proposes comprehensive measures to facilitate capital increases in order to overcome the corona crisis

21 April 2020
Introduction of short-time work – what steps employers in Germany must take now

08 April 2020
Covid-19 coronavirus: Foreign Direct Investment Screening

02 April 2020
Real estate and Covid-19 coronavirus - the questions we are being asked in Germany

31 March 2020
Covid-19 coronavirus: Access to new debt and equity during the corona crisis

31 March 2020
Covid-19 coronavirus: Temporary suspension of the obligation to file for insolvency proceedings (Update)

27 March 2020
Covid-19 coronavirus: Covid-19-Act and impact on real estate leases

27 March 2020
Covid-19 coronavirus: The Covid-19 Act and its impact on real estate financings in Germany

27 March 2020
Covid-19 coronavirus: German rescue package takes effect

20 March 2020
Covid-19 coronavirus: Foreign Direct Investment Control – What investors from outside the European Union need to know now

19 March 2020
Covid-19 coronavirus: Temporary suspension of obligation to file for insolvency in Germany

16 March 2020
Covid-19 coronavirus: Airline insolvencies in Germany: Questions and challenges for aircraft lessors

16 March 2020
Covid-19 coronavirus: What is the current situation in Germany?


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