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Field of transmission towers

When it comes to implementing grid connections, we regularly deal with the related grid connection and grid usage agreements as well as the corresponding framework agreements.

We are experts in drafting agreements for grid takeovers as well as representation in antitrust matters.
In regulatory issues, our experience includes large European projects and most of our work is cross-border work involving multiple offices. Clients often praise our handling of such complex projects. In the field of storage technologies, we are particularly experienced in the construction of gas caverns.

Energy storage systems can help ensure security of supply and balance fluctuating energy supply and changing demand. There are several technologies available for interim storage (e.g. pumped storage and compressed air reservoirs as well as hydrogen). We follow developments closely and are familiar with the evolving legal framework. In addition to our experience of gas caverns, we deal extensively with pumped storage power plants.

News and insights

wind parks onshore offshore

News: 30 October 2023

Allen & Overy advises the Aloys Wobben Foundation on its sale of QUADRA energy to TotalEnergies

Allen & Overy has advised the Aloys Wobben Foundation (Aloys Wobben Stiftung; AWS) on its sale of the 100% green energy provider QUADRA energy to TotalEnergies.

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electric meter

Publications: 09 May 2023

Germany to tighten energy efficiency requirements for buildings, companies and data centres

In April 2023, the German government proposed new legislation that aims to significantly increase energy efficiency requirements for buildings, companies and data centres. The government’s proposals…

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offshore wind farm

Publications: 29 March 2023

Wind of Change: The challenges presented by end-of-life wind farms

In recent years, both European and German legislators have been promoting the expansion of renewable energy both by creating a favourable legal environment and by facilitating public funding of…

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Stock information on screen

Publications: 28 July 2022

Equity capital markets in 2022: Europe cools, the Middle East heats up. What next?

The equity capital markets have faced challenging conditions in H1 2022. European markets cooled, the Middle East boomed.

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