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The measure of an individual, whether a boss, colleague or friend, is not what they do when things are going swimmingly, but how they respond when the chips are down and things are going wrong.

Once upon a time…

There was a boss. My boss. She will be absolutely mortified that I am doing this but some stories deserve to be shared more widely.

I nearly lost my 20-year-old son a few years ago after he was attacked randomly. I was told by the police and the hospital that he was in a coma and might not make it through the night. It was lockdown. My son was in Leeds and I was in Portsmouth collecting our eight-week-old puppy.

My world fell apart.

And they all lived happily ever after

Two years later, I am here at A&O thriving (as are my son and my dog). Much of that is down to Sarah and how she wrapped her arms around me in terms of support in the moment and afterwards. I felt valued and cushioned, and was free to deal with the all-consuming emergency without a worry about work. I have seen her do this many times, but those stories are for others to tell.

Stories speak for themselves

Sadly, there aren’t many Sarahs  out there, but there could be if leaders realised that the way they manage people  the big things and the small things, the good things and the bad things, can have a significant impact on those they manage.

By the way, last night Sarah Henchoz, my boss, won the #TLCLions Human Leader of the Year award in what was a crowded and stellar category.

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