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Blog Post: 08 March 2023

Podcast: Surviving the "valley of death" - How early-stage life sciences companies can overcome funding gaps and IP hurdles

Tine Carmeliet, Juno Hautekiet and Geert Glas discuss how early-stage life sciences companies can survive the so-called “valley of death”. This is the funding gap between making a promising scientific…

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Blog Post: 31 January 2023

WEF publishes white paper on overcoming the barriers to international data flows

The World Economic Forum (WEF), an influential international non-governmental organisation for public-private cooperation, published its white paper on overcoming the barriers to international data…

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Corporate buildings and sunshine

Blog Post: 15 March 2022

Economic Crime Act - what businesses need to know

Why has the Economic Crime Act just been introduced? The Act is designed to make it easier to identify and trace illicit wealth. It is not a new proposal – a first draft of legislation aimed at…

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Blog Post: 22 March 2022

Top financial services enforcement trends: market abuse

Modest but diverse enforcement action Despite this decrease, market abuse is the third most common topic for FCA enforcement investigations, occupying approximately 14% of its enforcement portfolio.…

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Gerkin Tower

Blog Post: 17 March 2022

Mistaken breach of UK Financial Sanctions: possible exposure and what to do

Breach of UK financial sanctions Breaching a financial sanction can be a criminal offence.  There are different types of offences depending on the type of breach. Primary offences: …

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Blog Post: 22 February 2022

Payment services provider fined for breach of Russian financial sanctions

Transfers to Russian bank OFSI fined Clear Junction Limited, an FCA regulated global payment services provider, over GBP36,000 for its role in 15 transactions made to accounts held at the Russian…

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