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Global trends in merger control enforcement


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Global trends in merger control enforcement – March 2020

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"Despite a resurgence of megadeals in 2019, we saw global M&A activity dip. Cross-border transactions fell, and many firms looked closer to home for their strategic acquisitions. Amid intense policy debates about the effectiveness of merger control rules, and attempts by some politicians to influence the merger review process, antitrust authorities got tough. They have been rigorous in their merger control scrutiny and unwavering in taking action against those that do not comply with the rules.

The UK in particular has stood out – merger control enforcement levels have surged as the authority finalises preparations for a future outside the EU.

As the year has kicked off, antitrust authorities have showed no signs of tempering their robust stance. And it seems likely that in many jurisdictions, in 2020 we will see the increasing calls for change translate into a process of reform. Watch this space."

- Antonio Bavasso, Partner Global Co-Head Antitrust

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Global trends in merger control enforcement - March 2020 - Louise Tolley

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Global trends in merger control enforcement – March 2020

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