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Mental Health Advocates

As part of our Minds Matter programme, 44 partners and senior support professionals from across our global network have been appointed as Mental Health Advocates.

Their role is to promote positive mental health and foster a culture of support at A&O.

These 44 partners and senior support professionals are responsible for championing the three pillars of our strategy: developing a culture where we can discuss our mental health and that of those close to us; ensuring support is available to those who need it; and promoting working practices which support positive mental health for all, for example encouraging the use of iFlex.

Most offices have a mental health advocate and, in our London office, there is one for each department. The advocates are supported by HR and will attend mental health awareness training.

Christian Saunders, board member and mental health partner, said: “Having a culture of openness and understanding when it comes to our mental health will benefit everyone. It will help us thrive and reach our potential as individuals and as a firm.

"Of course, the role of the advocates is what we expect from all our leaders; however, as we are in the early stages of putting our mental health strategy into practice, having these figure heads will help to reinforce our commitment and facilitate change across our global network. I thank all of our advocates for taking on this important role.”  

Mental Health Advocate stories

Jason Humphreys

Harun Reksodiputro

Partner, Ginting & Reksodiputro in association with Allen & Overy, Jakarta

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Carolyn Aldous

Managing Director, Peerpoint, Sydney


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Suzanne Sikkink

Partner, Amsterdam

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Andrew Rhys Davies

Partner, New York

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Jean Lee

Partner, Washington D.C

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Who are our advocates?