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On 23 March 2017, the Antimonopoly Commission of China’s State Council (“AMC”) published the long-expected draft Guidelines on Prohibition of Abuses of Intellectual Property Rights (“draft IPR Guidelines”) for public comments.
31 March 2017 … delines-Reach-Final-Consultation-Stages.aspx
UK Supreme Court ruling trade mark owners to pay for court orders. UK Supreme Court ruling trade mark owners to pay for court orders.
20 June 2018 … -blocking-access-to-infringing-websites.aspx
On September 17, 2014, the Court of Appeals issued an order in C.UNM v. Intel Corp., 10-CV-01077, declining to rehear en banc a decision that bars infringement suits where a patent co-owner will not participate in its prosecution.
24 September 2014 … s-Where-Patent-Co-Owner-Refuses-To-Join.aspx
The U.S. International Trade Commission has reaffirmed its power to ban electronic transmissions (such as pirated films or software) from the United States where those transmission infringe an intellectual property right or are otherwise based on an unfair trade practice.
10 April 2014 … ts-power-to-bar-digital-file-transfers-.aspx
Intellectual property in the cloud Intellectual property in the cloud
13 May 2013

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