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William E. White
William E. White
United States
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Brandon O'Neil
Brandon O'Neil
United Kingdom
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Todd Fishman
Todd Fishman
United States
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Previous opinion pieces

Risk of U.S. discovery against non-U.S. banks potentially reduces Contributed by Laura R. Hall, Alexander Wentworth-Ping and Derek Jackson Nov 2017 

Policy changes in U.S. antitrust enforcement Contributed by John Terzaken and Napoleon Providence, Jul 2017

State laws take aim at global firms that "boycott" Israel Contributed by Charles Borden, Samuel Brown and Derek Manners, Dec 2016

Department of Justice sets sights on individuals outside of the U.S. for corporate wrongdoing Contributed by Todd Fishman and Toby Fischer, May 2016

Personal Certification for AML and Sanctions Compliance: New York Financial Regulator proposes new rule  
Contributed by Heath Tarbert, Jan 2016

The Wheat and the Whale: Reckless Manipulation and the CFTC's use of the Dodd-Frank Anti-Manipulation Provisions 
Contributed by Todd Fishman, Oct 2015

Individual accountability for corporate wrongdoing - how tough can it get?
Contributed by Brandon O'Neil, Oct 2015

U.S. Treasury and Department of Commerce ease sanctions on Cuba
Contributed by Kenneth Rivlin, Jan 2015

Improper information exchange: fending off the unwanted advances
Contributed by Philip Mansfield, John Roberti & John Terzaken, Jan 2015

Antitrust sanctions 2.0 – evolving views on behavioral remedies
Contributed by John Terzaken, Oct 2014

Transparency traps for the unwary
Contributed by John Roberti, Jun 2014

Lessons from the Credit Crisis a subtle shift in the long reach for top executives
Contributed by Todd Fishman & Brian de Haan, Jan/Feb 2014

Extraterritorial impact of U.S. law – where do we stand now?
Contributed by Andrew Rhys Davies, Oct 2013

New SEC policy - admit wrongdoing
Contributed by William E White, Oct 2013

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to credit for compliance with foreign regulations?
Contributed by William E White & Kurt Wolfe, July 2013

Murkier waters ahead for antitrust enforcement in financial services markets
Contributed by John Terzaken ,
Apr 2013

An update from New York
Contributed by Andrew Rhys Davies , Apr 2013

Changes at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Contributed by William E. White ,
Apr 2013

Antitrust enforcement has arrived on Wall Street
Contributed by John Terzaken ,
Jan 2013

Update on the New York litigation and regulatory landscape
Contributed by Andrew Rhys Davies, Jan 2013

Continued regulatory focus on insider trading/dealing
Contributed by William E. White , Jan 2013

Current litigation landscape in New York
Contributed by Andrew Rhys Davies, Oct 2012

A time for whistleblowers
Contributed by William E. White, Oct 2012

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