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Views from London

Opinion pieces 

Looking ahead to 2018 - a view from the UK - Feb 2018


Other threats and opportunities for banks  

- Unfair terms under scrutiny from FCA - October 2018

- Proposed changes to eligibility requirements for guarantee CRM - May 2018

- No UK stay of creditor's enforcement of debt, despite foreign restructuring - May 2018

- UK Government Fintech strategy - May 2018

- Rules and potential pitfalls of engaging with the UK Government and public officials - May 2018

- UK Parliament debates new sanctions bill - Feb 2018

- No more LIBOR? - impact on finance agreements - Nov 2017

- UK Financial Conduct Authority enforcement themes and trends - Nov 2017

- New UK laws on tax evasion and money laundering target global financial services (Nov 2017)

- Hard lessons from the English court on legal professional privilege

- New tax evasion facilitation offences in force 30 September 2017 (Jul 2017)

- FCA Report on asset management (Jul 2017)

- Senior Managers and Certification Regime: the first year in practice (Jul 2017)

- Mandatory rules of local law do not apply to interest rate swaps between a bank and an Italian local authority (Jun 2017)

- Recent developments in immunity (Jul 2017)

- Contracting with a sovereign state: determining capacity under English and U.S. law (Jul 2017)

- Changes to financial regulators’ enforcement decision-making processes (Apr 2017)

- New monetary penalty regime for breach of financial sanctions (Mar 2017)

- Corporate criminal liability risk increases for financial services (Dec 2016)

- UK enforcement of financial sanctions likely to rise (May 2016)

- UK Bribery Act catches corporate and bank (May 2016)

- The Senior Managers and Certification Regime now in place - what next? (May 2016)

- Bitcoin and the blockchain - what has been the regulatory response? (May 2016)

- Helpful English court rulings on contract law and privilege (Jan 2016)

- Improving Large Business Tax Compliance (Oct 2015)

- ICE Benchmark Association (IBA) Second Position Paper on the evolution of ICE LIBOR (Oct 2015)

- Senior Managers Regime – proposed "u-turn" on the Presumption of Responsibility? (Oct 2015)

- New criminal offences in clampdown on tax evasion (June 2015)  

- Effect of implementation of EU Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive on general securities (June 2015)  

- Structured Products - FCA Thematic Review of Product Development and Governance (June 2015) 

- FCA Business Plan 2015/16: Key messages for litigators and compliance officers (June 2015) 

- FCA and PRA Senior Managers and Certification Regime: An update (June 2015) 

- Submission of claim in foreign insolvency proceedings torpedos exclusive English jurisdiction agreement (June 2015) 

- OECD Report on foreign bribery (June 2015)  

- Regulatory: New senior insurance managers regime (Jan 2015)  

- New withholding exemption for private placements (Jan 2015)  

- Diverted profits tax (Jan 2015)  

- Legal developments and regulatory trends for 2015 (Jan 2015)  

- FCA publishes draft guidance regarding how it will exercise its new competition powers (Jan 2015) 

 - Update: The FCA's and PRA's new Senior Managers and Certification Regime (Jan 2015)  

- Review of FCA and PRA enforcement processes: HM Treasury publishes findings and recommendations (Jan 2015)  

- FCA and PRA policy update: Q3 2014 (Oct 2014)  

- Changes to the FCA client asset protection regime (Oct 2014)  

- UK banking reform: ring-fencing – next steps? (Oct 2014)  

- Deferred prosecution agreements: a new tool for UK prosecutors (June 2014)  

- HM Treasury launches review of FCA and PRA enforcement processes (June 2014)  

- Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Risk Outlook and Business Plan 2014 – key enforcement themes (June 2014)  

- Update on cross-border information exchange (June 2014)  

- UK Budget 2014 – new tax anti-avoidance measures announced (June 2014)  

- A new UK tax regime for regulatory capital (Jan/Feb 2014)  

- Corporate governance aspects of CRD IV (Jan/Feb 2014)  

- Debt programme updates/establishments and the amended Prospectus Directive (PD) regime (Jan/Feb 2014)  

- Impact of the Banking Reform Bill on Senior Managers (Oct 2013)   

- The FCA confirms its approach to publishing information about enforcement warning notices (Oct 2013)   

- The Financial Conduct Authority - focus on the prevention of financial crime (Oct 2013)   

- New tax regime for regulatory capital in the UK (Oct 2013)  

- Debt programme updates/establishments and the new Prospectus Directive regime - one year on (Oct 2013)  

- Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards (PCBS): changing banking for good (July 2013)   

- UK consultation on taxation of debt and derivatives (July 2013)  

- The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – an update (July 2013)   

- Consumer Credit Regulation: making the move from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) (July 2013)  

- LIBOR reforms - an update (May 2013)  

- Planning ahead for EU bonus caps (May 2013)​​

Key people

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United Kingdom
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Damian Carolan
Damian Carolan
United Kingdom
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Lawson Caisley
Lawson Caisley
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Previous opinion pieces

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Brexit Contributed by Karen Birch and Amy Edwards, December 2016

Should Brexit affect the popularity of English governing law and jurisdiction clauses? Contributed by Sarah Garvey and Karen Birch, July/August 2016

Countdown to the new Market Abuse Regime Contributed by Etay Katz, Damian Carolan and Oonagh Harrison, May 2016

New Market Abuse Regime - Roadmap Contributed by Jaya Gupta and Anne Kirkwood, May 2016

Financial services regulation - what impact will Brexit have on regulated firms established in the UK, Europe and third country jurisdictions? Contributed by Kate Sumpter, Damian Carolan, Etay Katz, Matt Huggett and Nick Williams, May 2016

Contractual recognition of bail-in: EU imlpementation is finally here1- Contributed by Bob Penn, Jan 2016

Tackling corruption - now a truly global initiative?
Contributed by Lawson Caisley, Oct 2015 

A personal view: Magna Carta and international trade
Contributed by John O'Conor, Jan 2015 

Europe's response BRRD – resolution recognition for non-EEA liabilities of EEA financial institutions
Contributed by Bob Penn, Jan 2015 

The end of too-big-to-fail?
Contributed by Bob Penn, Oct 2014

The Banking Reform Act 2013
Contributed by Bob Penn,
Jan/Feb 2014

Current litigation risks
Contributed by Tim House, Oct 2013

Single point of entry resolution: a milestone for regulators: a millstone for banks? (Oct 2013)
Contributed by Bob Penn, Oct 2013

Unintended consequences: application of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) to SPVs
Contributed by Bob Penn, July 2013

Open markets (except for banks): why bank regulation risks upsetting economic recovery
Contributed by Bob Penn, Apr 2013

An opinion by Tim House
Contributed by Tim House, Jan 2013

The approaching regulatory capital and liquidity "cliff "
Contributed by Bob Penn, Jan 2013

Regulation on OTC derivatives central counterparties and trade repositories (EMIR)
Contributed by Damian Carolan, Jan 2013

Pressure on multiple fronts
Contributed by Tim House, Oct 2012

European Cross-Border Crisis Management Directive
Contributed by Bob Penn, Oct 2012

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