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Previous editions

In this fourth edition, international contributors explore the most prevalent new forms of employment, the legal constraints imposed by existing labour regulations and the legal challenges they present.

The world of work is changing fast as not only employers, but also employees, demand more flexible ways of working. Yet the law in most jurisdictions is lagging far behind actual practice and legal change is likely to come slowly. So, how do companies meet the demand for greater flexibility while navigating often restrictive regulations? What new forms of employment are open to them? How can they change employment practices in ways that will allow them to remain efficient while attracting, retaining and motivating the employees they need to succeed?




In this third edition, the international contributors look at the huge potential that employee and consumer data can bring to companies and their HR teams, such as HR analytics, and look at how the changing landscape of data protection regulation will affect the use of data in the future.

We also offer detailed guidance and an action list as to what businesses should be thinking about ahead of the new EU regulation on data protection being finalised to ensure clients remain compliant but also maximise the potential of data at their disposal.

In this second edition, the international contributors look at the way that a carefully planned and executed people management strategy can be critical to the success of a merger.

Although the economic gain is the primary driver, effectively managing the employees impacted is key to the smooth running of the transaction. We hope you enjoy The Big Think No. 2, and please do let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for future Big Thinks.

Our first edition thinks about how businesses cope with the rise of social media in the workplace.

As you are aware, social media knows no bounds – it has marched rapidly into the workplace, obscuring the lines between the private and the professional. With the law struggling to keep pace, employers need clear and well-crafted policies to secure the benefits of the world's fastest growing media technology. We look first at the opportunities, and then considered the risks, the ambiguities, the limits of the law, and we end with tips on how best to manage some of these issues in the workplace.

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