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This year our Annual Review looks at the ideas that change business featuring some of the world's leading businesses, alongside our partners, to explore the big ideas, trends and issues that are changing their industries.


Talking about a revolution

Clients are making it clear that they want nothing short of a revolution in the way legal services are delivered to them. It’s the biggest change the profession has faced in nearly 200 years and it’s one that A&O is determined to play a lead role in, say David Morley and Wim Dejonghe.

Banking reform - we need a long-term vision

Douglas Flint, chairman of HSBC, one of the world’s largest banks, says much has been achieved in reforming the industry, but much of the trickiest work remains to be done. What’s missing most is a clear vision of what the industry should be like in 10 to 15 years’ time and it’s a challenge for the industry and policymakers alike.

Defining innovation in a changing healthcare landscape

Joseph Jimenez, CEO of Novartis, argues that only through constant, faster and more cost-effective innovation can the healthcare industry meet the challenges of population growth, longer lives and rocketing health spending.

Africa - playing with a home advantage

As Nigeria’s biggest manufacturing conglomerate – and the continent’s largest cement maker – Dangote has learned some hard lessons about how to succeed in the high-risk world of African commerce. These are lessons foreign investors could do well to heed, says Devakumar Edwin.

The long haul of sustainability

The world’s most regulated industry is also one of the world’s most brilliantly inventive and most fiercely competitive – and those three facts, argues Andrea Debbane, Vice President for Environmental Affairs at Airbus, might just be why the air transport industry can and will rise to the huge sustainability challenges it faces.

The value of going round in circles

The old linear way of making products is a dangerously wasteful use of finite resources. Fortunately some businesses, like Veolia, are seeing the value in making products that not only last longer but that can be recovered, repurposed and used again and again. Welcome to the circular economy – an idea whose time may finally have come.

Our hope rests with the rule of law

Professor Dr Khin Mar Yee, the head of the Law Department at Yangon University, gives a unique insight into the challenges that lie ahead for Myanmar’s legal system. As the country makes the journey to democracy, she is clear that the rule of law and careful law-making must provide strong foundations for that transition.

It's time to redefine capitalism

London has the power to become a City for the cities of the world, leading by example in showing how an inclusive and sustainable form of capitalism can bring real long-term benefits for all, argues Fiona Woolf, Lord Mayor of the City of London.

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