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50 Degrees East

Allen & Overy carried out the 50 Degrees East research to highlight the issues that major businesses are grappling with as the global economy sees a potentially strategic shift of power from developed economies to developing markets, particularly in Asia Pacific. 

Researchers carried out quantitative interviews with over 1000 global board-level executives in large international businesses. The research is broken down into three separate reports, Opportunities & Challenges, Under pressure: Funding options in an uncertain world and Risk & Regulation.

The 50 Degrees East series highlights how flows of capital have become increasing globalised. Businesses that operate globally have and will move capital to wherever there is growth. There is also an increasing number of choices as to where to allocate resources for global businesses. Across the EU alone there has been a 47% increase in the average number of markets each country has invested in since 2005.

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