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Opportunities & challenges

The shift in the economic balance of power from the West to the East over recent decades is a clear trend that is focusing the minds of investors, business people and politicians across the globe. 


Our 50 Degrees East research looks at the issues that major businesses are grappling with as the global economy comes to terms with this strategic shift of power from developed economies to those in developing markets, particularly in Asia.
The first report "Opportunities and challenges", based on in-depth interviews with over 1,000 global business leaders across 19 countries, examines business confidence and threats to the global economic recovery, the shifting balance of economic power plans for future growth and the barriers that may inhibit these.
The research shows that three-quarters (75%) of respondents believe Asia Pacific's economic influence is on the rise, putting it at the forefront of their business strategies. Just 2% say its influence is declining with the remainder (23.5%) saying it is stable – a net positive score of +73%. We asked our respondents to rank regions in terms of economic influence. 

"While our finances and our size mean we can manage significant risk, risk is a real trend."

 Senior executive, UK 
We have also developed our InvestmentPerspectives tool to provide comprehensive analysis of global investment flows around the world. Together with the survey, this helps us to plot the changes in economic influence that will affect global businesses. The scale of the shift from West to East and its repercussions are easy to underestimate. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows tell the story. Data from InvestmentPerspectives show that in 2005 developed economies received two-thirds of FDI inflows and developing economies one third. In 2010 the split is closer to 50:50. The InvestmentPerspectives tool is accessible via this microsite or an open-sourced app for iPads.

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