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Choppy Waters — Navigating the Intersection of the FCPA, Anti-Money Laundering and Extraterritorial U.S. Laws


13 June 2013

In a recent case the DOJ dubbed a “wake-up call,” the SEC and DOJ charged four individuals for their roles in a massive international bribery scheme, which the SEC discovered during a periodic examination of a broker-dealer.

U.S. regulators alleged that employees of the broker-dealer paid illicit bribes to high-ranking officials of the state-owned economic development bank of Venezuela. The action illustrates how conduct that has traditionally formed the basis of a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) case might also subject individuals and entities to a much broader array of charges under U.S. law, including charges under anti-money laundering laws and the Travel Act.

Join an experienced panel of government enforcement experts to learn how multi-national organizations in all industries can ensure that they have developed and implemented robust compliance programs that address these overlapping regulatory schemes.


  • Jeffrey Lehtman, Partner, Allen & Overy
  • Kurt Wolfe, Associate, Allen & Overy
  • Sarah Cox, Associate, Allen & Overy
  • Ellen Zimiles, Managing Director, Head of Global Investigations & Compliance, Navigant, Inc.
  • Alma Angotti, Director, Global Investigations & Compliance, Navigant, Inc.
  • Jay Perlman, Director, Global Investigations & Compliance, Navigant, Inc.

To attend this webcast (the live webcast will be held Tuesday, June 18, 2013, at 1:00 pm Eastern), please sign up through the link below.



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