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Work experience

We offer a number of key work experience opportunities in London for students at school or university.

​School-age students

We have a number of work experience opportunities for school-age students. We seek to prioritise those students who have the fewest opportunities to access work experience. We are a founding member of PRIME. This means we focus the majority of our work experience on state school students who are likely to be first in their family to attend university, or are or have been eligible for free school meals for the majority of their schooling (or attended a school where the proportion of free school meals was significantly above the regional average). We were also the first law firm to sign up to the Business Compact, so we are committed to providing fair access for local students.

We are also keen to ensure that work experience is both practical and inspirational. We therefore organise a number of structured work experience programmes throughout the year rather than offering individual opportunities. Our largest programme is the Smart Start Experience which takes place in the summer and is open to over 100 Year 12 students. Students from a number of selected state schools located in the most deprived boroughs across London take part. To enquire whether your or your child's school is on our list or may be eligible to join, please contact The Brokerage, the charity which helps us to co-ordinate the Smart Start Experience.

The Brokerage also organise a number of short taster sessions with schools at Allen & Overy so if the Smart Start Experience is aimed at a different age group to you, your child or pupils, please contact them to see if there are any other opportunities that might be suitable.

We also work closely with local schools Christ Church, Bethnal Green Academy and Tower Hamlets College. If you, your child or your pupils attend one of these schools and you want to know what programmes we offer there, please contact Sue Wisbey or Emma Turnbull.

We also are a founder member of the Pathways to Law Programme and participate in their programme offering work experience to state school students who are interested in law and who will be the first from their family to university.

Students at university

If you are at university and looking for work experience – either an open day or formal vacation programme – prior to applying to us for a training contract, you should look at our Careers website for further details about your eligibility and how to apply. We run a number of open days throughout the year for people from all degree disciplines and year groups. Our summer and winter vacation programmes are tailored primarily to penultimate year undergraduates and finalists. Open day and vacation programme places are highly competitive so it is important to make the application in advance of advertised deadlines.

We also run a programme for law students from the following universities : Brunel University, City University, University of East London, Greenwich, Queen Mary's University and University of Westminster. Please contact your Law Faculty if you are at one of those universities to discover more about that programme which is aimed at first year law students.

Finally, we also provide a series of training and networking sessions aimed at students in their 2nd year at local London universities, called Career Capital Legal. This programme is co-ordinated by the East London Business Alliance (ELBA); please contact them for details.

Not in education, employment or training?

We work with the charity Futureversity on an 11 week job-ready programme including a work placement for unemployed London residents aged 16-25 to acquire the skills and confidence they need to access work.

We wish you all the luck in finding work experience which we hope will give you real insight into the world of work, whether as a lawyer or in some other chosen career path.

Smart Start

Find out more about The Smart Start Experience, broadening access to the professions.


  PRIME: Fair access to quality work experience

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