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Responsible Procurement

Strategic goals

Allen & Overy is committed to ensuring its approach to the procuring of goods and services is responsible, ethical and sustainable. To achieve this we have three strategic goals that inform all of our purchasing and supply chain activity:

• we will conduct procurement in an ethical manner and treat suppliers and their workers fairly and even-handedly;

• we will work with suppliers that have a compatible approach to responsibility, particularly in regards to observing and upholding the ethical, human rights and workplace standards set out in our Supplier Code of Conduct; and

• we will conduct procurement in a manner that is socially and environmentally sustainable.

Supporting policies & initiatives

Our policies and initiatives to support our strategic goals include:

  • we only work with suppliers that are committed to upholding the ethical, human right and work place standards set out in our Supplier Code of Conduct;
  • we take a zero tolerance approach towards any form of human rights abuses occurring within our supply chain (including modern slavery and child labour) and actively screen the parts of our supply chain that are deemed potentially vulnerable to such risks;
  • we treat our suppliers fairly and respectfully (recognising different customs and practices across the regions we work);
  • we foster positive working relationships with all of our suppliers and actively engage with our key suppliers through an active supplier management programme;
  • we treat all supplier information provided to us by suppliers or potential suppliers as confidential (unless already in the public domain);
  • decisions about awarding business will be objective and take into account the supplier’s corporate responsibility strategies where relevant to the goods or services being procured;
  • we are a Living Wage certified employer, and as such require that all of our permanent onsite contractors within the UK are paid the prevailing Living Wage as a minimum. This policy benefits an estimated 150 onsite contractors across our catering, security, housekeeping and other facility operations;
  • wherever possible, we will buy products that are from sustainable sources and apply specific sustainability standards when sourcing goods and services in particular categories (e.g. sourcing Fair Trade vending products, FSC/PEFC paper products, and buying electricity from renewable sources);
  • we seek to work with our supply chain to reduce our environmental impact (e.g. active initiatives to reduce waste production and reduce building energy consumption as part of our broader environmental initiatives);
  • no decisions relating to suppliers taken by Allen & Overy partners or employees will be made for personal gain; and
  • we operate a whistleblowing policy, as detailed in our Supplier Code of Conduct, enabling our suppliers to report any concerns.

Procurement contact

If you would like further information, or are interested in becoming a supplier to Allen & Overy, please contact

Click here to download our Supplier Code of Conduct



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