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Other professionals | Belgium


What we do

Allen & Overy Belgium employs approximately 35 personal assistants and about 60 other staff in a wide variety of support roles at different levels.

Within Allen & Overy there is an open, non-hierarchical atmosphere. We encourage our people to voice their personal expectations, to state the kind of work they prefer and any specific training they would like to benefit from. In this way, they drive the direction of their own career within the range of possibilities that Allen & Overy has to offer.

About a third of the employees working at Allen & Overy Belgium are personal assistants, working within different practice groups. In addition, other support staff provide the various services on which the practice groups and the entire firm rely.

The different support departments include: IT, finance, business development, business services, HR, paralegal support, the English Communication Centre, know-how and library.

Departments in Belgium

Business Development

Marketing within Allen & Overy is seen as a vital strategic business activity and a key tool in growing our top-line and profitability. The role of the Business Development department is to guide and support the lawyers with their business development activities, including client targeting, pitch management, research, competitor analysis and more.

The Business Development department is also involved in various branding initiatives. This includes media relations, publications (both printed and online), and the organisation of client events.

The Business Development department is made up of flexible and innovative team players, who have solid marketing experience and excellent problem solving and communication skills.  

Business Services

There are many roles in the Business Services department ranging from reception, catering, print room, procurement and stationery, post delivery, archive management through to corporate real estate management.

Across all areas, we seek to achieve the highest level of service and support for our internal customers and clients. This is achieved by recruiting and retaining client-focused personnel. 

English Communications Centre

The English Communications Centre (ECC) is a team of native English-speaking lawyers. Their purpose is to improve the quality of legal documentation and advice delivered in English, the principal business language of Allen & Overy. They do this by editing texts applying plain English principles and providing legal drafting training and coaching to our lawyers.


As with all support functions the Finance department is a key component in driving the business forward. Not surprisingly, there are many different areas of focus within this department: financial analysis and budget control, accounting, client administration and credit control.

In all cases, we look for individuals with the appropriate academic and professional qualifications. But it's not just about skills and knowledge, teamwork and communication are equally important.  

Human Resources

Providing a full HR service to our lawyers and staff is a vital part of our business. The HR function in Allen & Overy plays an important strategic and facilitating role in attracting, motivating, developing and retaining the best possible quality of lawyers and staff at all levels. 

Information Technology

The Belgian IT department is responsible for maintaining Allen & Overy's IT infrastructure and implementing the global IT strategy. It provides a range of IT services including help desk. 

Know-How and Library

Our know-how experts work for a specific practice group. They monitor legal developments, prepare and contribute to newsletters, maintain the know-how databases and respond to enquiries form lawyers. Their support gives our lawyers a head start and helps them to respond more quickly to client requests.

Our librarians not only deal with the administration of books and periodicals, they do much more than that. Thanks to their expertise and experience they help our lawyers to quickly gather all supporting material they need for specific research. 

Paralegal Support

Our paralegals are essential to delivering high quality corporate housekeeping to our clients. They ensure that all corporate records are properly kept and that corporate requirements are met by clients on time.

The paralegal staff play an instrumental role in the mechanics of the legal process. 

Personal Assistants

Our PAs provide vital support to our lawyers, allowing them to focus on their legal work.

The PAs support the lawyers in their interesting transactional and advisory work. The work consists of a wide variety of administrative and organisational tasks such as the skilful handling of telephone calls, agenda management and the processing of documents, using excellent language skills (English, Dutch and French). Needless to say that PA support is an increasingly sophisticated and demanding role, requiring greater use of technology and a wide range of skills.

Some PAs have a more leading role within their team. They are responsible for the workflow management of their team and are included in additional projects. In return for a high level of technical ability, professionalism, team spirit and flexibility, we offer our PAs a competitive salary and benefits package. 

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