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Annual Reviews

Business transformation and political change are at the heart of our 2017 Annual Review – Leading in uncertain times.

As technology continues to transform the corporate landscape at an accelerating pace, we explore how businesses are being propelled into positions of global leadership while more established players are consolidating and adopting alternative delivery systems. 

The challenges of achieving societal acceptance and new regulatory frameworks for emerging technologies and business models are huge at a time when the political and economic consensus of recent times is shifting towards protectionist and nationalist agendas.

In the 2017 edition of our market-leading review we team-up with five key clients to look at the shifts that are transforming their markets and industries.  

In addition, we feature an interview with our senior partner, Wim Dejonghe, and managing partner, Andrew Ballheimer who talk about what it takes to lead a business through highly uncertain times, the importance of remaining agile, and of working closely with clients to thrive in an ever-changing environment.

The full review, videos and financial statements are available on our Annual Review 2017 website. 

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